A key part of making the shift to a more agile organisation is learning how to become more innovative.   Before we learn more about the Making Shift Happen approach to innovation, let’s first define what innovation is and why it’s important.

What is innovation?

The definition of innovation is often overcomplicated, so at Making Shift Happen we have come up with a simple definition of innovation:

Innovation is a process for creating and implementing valuable ideas that positively impact any area of your organisation.

People often tell us that they don’t need to be innovative in their work. We gasp with disbelief when these words are uttered! All roles require ideas in some form or another, therefore we can all benefit from learning how to become more innovative. It doesn’t matter if the ideas are big or small, they all matter in a rapidly changing world! 

Why is it important?

There are many, many articles, papers and books written that show the benefits of innovative organisations. These benefits include:

  • Increased agility – valuable ideas fuel agility
  • Increased ability to solve problems creatively, identify new opportunities and find smarter ways of doing business
  • Improved collaboration internally and externally
  • Higher employee engagement levels
  • A more empowered workforce
  • Identification of new markets, new customers and new products
  • Happy creative workers and happy customers

Our Approach To Innovation

The MAKING SHIFT HAPPEN innovation formula:

Innovation = Know x Connect X Grow X Action 

Know – This phase of the innovation process uses our Making Shift Happen tools to clearly get to know/define your problem or opportunity.

Connect – This phase of the innovation process involves using our Making Shift Happen tools to connect with key stakeholders and/or customers to deeply understand the unmet need.

Grow – This phase of the innovation process uses our Making Shift Happen tools to spark and grow valuable ideas

Action  – This phase of the innovation process uses our Making Shift Happen tools to decide what ideas to covert to projects and take action on.

Innovation has a best friend!

Who is innovation’s best friend? Stop, pause and think about the answer for a minute.

Yes, you probably guessed that it’s creativity!

It is not enough to mechanically use our tools and work step-by-step through our innovation formula. You also need to behave in a more creative way when you are working through our innovation process. Behaving creatively will help spark new ideas and insights as you work through the innovation formula. Innovation and creativity work in tandem. The innovation formula gives us a process for “doing” innovation and creativity describes how we need to behave as we work through the process. 

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Agility is the business superpower of the 21st century

Agility is the business superpower of the 21st century

The Problem – We live in a rapidly changing world

One thing is certain in today’s business world and that’s rapid change. The rate of change is constantly accelerating. Technology is changing almost on a daily basis and business models are continually under threat, due to increased competition and globalisation. Strategies and plans are changing rapidly, it is difficult to find stability in today’s business world.  

Consequences of a rapidly changing world
  1. Organisations can no longer survive on traditional left-brain thinking capabilities. Right-brain thinking capabilities are equally as important
  2. Crisis mode has taken priority, resulting in very little time for thinking about fresh ideas
  3. Management has taken priority over leadership, leaving people uninspired
  4. Competition is intense. Collaboration is suffering
  5. Organisations and individuals are busier than ever, struggling to manage their wellbeing and find meaning and purpose in their work
The corresponding solutions to the above issues. 
  1. Whole-brain thinking
  2. Innovation and fresh thinking
  3. Inspirational leadership
  4. Effective collaboration
  5. Increased wellbeing and meaning

The organisations that will be successful in today’s world are the ones that learn how to develop the agility ability. This is the key capability needed for organisations to not only survive, but thrive!

Businessman Superhero With Sunset In City

Agility is the businness equivalent of self-actualisation. The agility superpower is composed of a number individual componets or superpowers, as outlined in the equation below:


Agile organisations are healthy, innovative and collaborative organisations, run by inspired leaders and managers. They are great places to work and provide people with a sense of meaning and purpose. In agile organisations, productivity and flexibility rule over busyness, as they operate in a conscious manner that uses the whole-brain power of their workforce.

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