• Designing/delivering customised training experiences for leaders and leadership teams 
  • Developing inspirational business strategies
  • Executive coaching – partnering with leaders in a thought provoking creative process that maximises leader potential 
  • Leadership development for a rapidly changing world – encouraging agility and innovation, while removing non-constructive behaviours 
  • Building innovative agile cultures & organisations
  • Change Management and Disruption Management 
  • Team development,  including novel team effectiveness workshops using whole-brain approaches
  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument and cognitive diversity &  inclusion
  • Hogan Assessments, Realise 2 strengths diagnostics, team diagnostics, leadership diagnostics, and culture diagnostics 
  • Personal development-helping individuals make lifestyle changes to reduce busyness, while increasing wellbeing & productivity 

Dr. Jay Chopra

Director at Making Shift Happen

Jay is a former Fortune 100 executive, specializing in leadership development,  team effectiveness, innovation and culture change.  

Jay has extensive experience as an organizational development consultant, having travelled to 20+ countries to work with various multi-national organisations – rountinely working at senior leadership level. Jay also works with clients in a virtual environment via webinars, virtual executive coaching and team facilitation using a virtual classroom approach.

Jay holds a PhD in science, and is one of only a handful of master certified whole-brain facilitators globally. He is also a certified executive coach and Hogan assessment practitioner. 


Career Highlights

  • Served on the Innovation Leadership Team for a large multi-national organisation (Scale: 20,000 staff for 5+ years)
  • Co-led the design and implementation of an innovative culture change program across a large multi-national organisation, using bottom-up and top-down approaches (Scale: 20,000 staff for 5+ years)
  • Co-founded boutique consultancy, Making Shift Happen – has worked with MSD (Merck, Sharp and Dome), GSK, University College Cork, Teleflex,  Pfizer,  Suntory, Dr. Martens, Herrmann International, Abbvie, Zoetis and Exxon Mobil
  • Delivered thousands of hours executive coaching (individual and team), over the last 10 years, including full executive team to President level in multi-national arena
  • Designed and delivered novel team effectiveness workshops (Scale: 150+ workshops, up to executive team level in multinational settings)
  • Co-designed and implemented a culture change program to help create a Great-Place-To-Work at a site of a large multi-national organisation. Focus Areas: Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking, Wellbeing, Inspirational Leadership and Team Effectiveness (Scale: 1,000+ staff)
  • Trained 300+ Innovation Coaches via immersive bootcamp experiences
  • Master Certified Whole Brain, HBDI Facilitator with Herrmann International 
  • Regularly delivers speaking engagements to large audiences e.g. American Chamber of Commerce
  • Serial innovator (earlier in career), helping to deliver mega-million dollar innovations 

David O'Mahony

Director at Making Shift Happen
David is an experienced leader with over 15 years’ experience in senior leadership roles within Corporate, SME and Real Estate Banking and Corporate Finance sectors.

David has significant people management and leadership skills with commercial experience in strategic planning, operations, restructuring, transaction management, and real estate.

David has led a number of major re-organisation and transformation programmes from design phase to activation and full operation. He is a change agent having had responsibility for change management and culture change initiatives within a number of teams.

David is particularly interested in helping individuals and teams unlock their potential and believes that the working environment can bring out the best in people and organisations. David’s experience coupled with his listening, questioning and grounded commercial skills helps people and organisations to make the shift needed to improve performance and increase satisfaction in life and work.