“Coaching is… unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It’s more often about helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

John Whitmore

What is it?

Executive Coaching is an empowering process that enables individuals and teams to enhance performance and maximise potential.  At Making Shift Happen, we partner with our clients in a thought provoking creative process, focused on developing leaders at all levels. We help leaders to survive and thrive in today’s rapidly changing business environment.   Our coaching process helps accelerate agility and innovation, while removing non-constructive behaviours.

 Why is it important?

  • Helps executives focus on what is most important in unlocking their best performance
  • Develops leadership skills
  • Creates a safe space to generate ideas to address current challenges
  • Develops specific skills
  • Promotes greater self-awareness of blind spots that may be impacting development
  • Improves self-management and emotional intelligence
  • Increases engagement and empowerment
  • Facilitates enhanced wellbeing

How can we help?

We know what it’s like to lead and manage in today’s modern world. It can be very demanding. Leadership can be a very lonely place to be. We partner with executives to create a safe-space to deal with current challenges, and to enhance inspirational qualities. 

We run team coaching workshops to empower teams to become more effective, high performing teams. We develop team members to collaborate with each other, as opposed to competing with each other. We do this using a variety of team coaching tools, diagnostics and methodologies.

We provide inspirational, innovative coaching experiences for executives to develop whole brain leadership skills for a rapidly changing world. We help executives to understand the 4 quadrants of the brain, their dominant thinking style, and how they can become more effective leaders by operating in a whole brain manner.

We work with executives to develop their natural tendencies and strengths. We help to build awareness of the executive’s core strengths, and help align their skills and competencies with the best fitting roles. This helps to maximise their performance and increase their overall satisfaction at work.

EQ Coaching focusses on building executive’s emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is critical to success in the business world.  Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of how we manage ourselves, and our interactions with our colleagues/customers.