Innovation Services

Innovation for Executives

We partner with executives to create learning experiences that enhance executive creativity and innovation capability.

Spark Sessions

Spark Sessions use structured approaches to spark the creative potential of your team. We use this unique approach to empower teams to create valuable ideas that have a positive impact on your organisation. The topic for a Spark Session can be an opportunity or a problem from any area in your organisation: from technical, to sales, to culture, to quality, or new products, to only name a few. Spark Sessions are different to traditional innovation tools such as brainstorms. We have facilitated Spark Sessions for teams of four people up to over 200 people. Our approach is tried-and-tested across the globe in the multinational arena.

Innovation Culture

We work with you to assess the current innovation culture of your organisation using our Innovation Culture Diagnostic. Based on the outputs of this assessment, we create an individual innovation plan tailored to your organisation.

Innovation Catalysts

We train high-potential candidates from your organisation as Innovation Catalysts in immersive training sessions. We equip candidates with the skills required to make shift happen in your organisation. After the training, the candidates will be able to run Spark Sessions internally, and build a culture of creativity and innovation in your organisation.

Customised Creativity and Innovation Workshops

We conduct customised creativity and innovation workshops to meet your individual needs.

Keynote Speeches

We offer keynote speeches on a range of creativity and innovation topics.