“There’s a way to do it better – find it.”

Thomas Edison

What is it?

The definition of innovation is often overcomplicated, so at Making Shift Happen we have come up with a simple definition of innovation.

Innovation is about creating and implementing valuable ideas that positively impact any area of your organisation.

People often tell us that they don’t need to be creative or innovative in their jobs. We gasp with disbelief when these words are uttered! All jobs require ideas in some form or another, therefore we can all benefit from learning how to become more creative and innovative at work. It doesn’t matter if the ideas are big or small, they all matter in a rapidly changing world.

Why is it important?

Creative and innovative organisations have a number of positive benefits:

  • Increased agility – valuable ideas fuel agility
  • Increased ability to solve problems creatively, identify new opportunities and find smarter ways of doing business
  • Improved collaboration internally and externally
  • Higher engagement levels
  • A more empowered workforce
  • Identification of new markets, customers and products
  • Happy creative workers and happy customers

How can we help you become more innovative?

We partner with executives to create learning experiences that enhances executive creativity and innovation capability. 

Spark sessions use structured approaches to spark the creative potential of your team.  We use our unique approach to empower teams to create valuable ideas that have a positive impact on your organisation.  The topic for a spark session can be a problem or opportunity from any area of your organisation – from technical to sales to culture to quality to new products.

Spark sessions are very very different to traditional brainstorms! We have run spark session for teams of four people, all the way up to meetings of over two hundred people. Our approach is tried-and -tested, across the globe in the multinational arena. It works.


We work with you to assess the current innovation culture of your organisation using our Making Shift Happen cultural diagnostic. Based on the cultural data, we co-create a specific innovation plan for your organisation. 

We train high potential candidates from your organisation as innovation catalysts at off-site immersive training sessions. We give the candidates the skills required to make shift happen in your organisation. After the training, the candidates will have the skills required to run sparks sessions internally and to build a culture of creativity and innovation in your organisation.  

We also conduct customised creativity and innovation workshops to meet your specific needs.


We offer key note speeches in a host of creativity and innovation topics.