Our Philosophy

At Making Shift Happen, we believe that
making work more human lies at the
heart of improving performance.

What is it?

Making Work More Human is about authentically putting people at the heart of organisational life by having a healthy balance of “head and heart” in day-to-day operations.

Why is it Important?

  • Positive relationships enable tangible organisational success
  • Improves performance
  • Creates a positive work culture and thus enhances employee attraction and retention
  • Enables people to flourish and grow at work
  • Inspires teamwork, inclusion, and innovation
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What is it?

The definition of innovation is often overcomplicated, so at Making Shift Happen we have come up with a simple definition of innovation.

Innovation is about creating and implementing valuable ideas that positively impact any area of your organisation.

All jobs require ideas in some form or another, therefore we can all benefit from learning how to become more creative and innovative at work. It does not matter if the ideas are big or small, they all matter in a rapidly changing world.

Why is it important?

Creative and innovative organisations have a number of positive benefits:

  • Increased agility – valuable ideas fuel agility
  • Increased ability to solve problems creatively, identify new opportunities and find smarter ways of doing business
  • Improved collaboration internally and externally
  • Higher engagement levels A more empowered workforce
  • Identification of new markets, customers and products
  • Happy creative workers and happy customers


What is it?

Collaboration is about forming positive relationships with people of similar and diverse skillsets to deliver high performance and valuable results in your organisation.

Why is it important?

Collaborative organisations are more agile with the following benefits:

  • High performing teams are required in a rapidly changing world
  • Positive relationships are central to business success
  • Increased diversity of skills, leading to higher performance, increased creativity and impactful results
  • A more harmonious organisation with happier people, increased engagement and more fun
  • Increased resilience, resulting from being part of a successful team


What is it?

Inspirational leadership is about empowering people to perform at their best. Inspirational leaders think we, not me and they inspire innovation, collaboration and well-being in their organisation via an inspirational vision and a meaningful story. They get out of the way so that their people can thrive. Inspirational leaders lead through their strengths and consciously collaborate with others with diverse skills to compensate for their weaknesses.

Why is it important?

Inspirational leadership has the following benefits:

  • Fuels agile organisations
  • Encourages career-long learning Inspires peak performance in self and others
  • Increases empowerment
  • Increases people engagement
  • Helps create great places to work
  • Maximises personal and professional development


What is it?

Wellbeing at work is not just about being healthy enough to do your work. It is more than that. It is about consciously managing your personal energy instead of unconsciously spending it. Managing our energy in that way allows us to perform at our best.

Why is it important?

Wellbeing has the following benefits:

  • Happy, healthy employees have a positive impact on staff motivation, productivity, engagement and retention
  • Helps reduce absenteeism due to stress
  • Happy employees are more creative and innovative
  • Creates a better place to work, due to a positive work environment
  • Creates a positive perception of your company in the marketplace, which is important for attracting top talent and new business